Hundreds of Reasons to Upgrade to PCMS Gold!

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That’s hundreds of keystrokes you won’t be using. The design goal for PCMS Gold was two fold.

A. Add more features

B. Improve the user interface.

Many processes have been streamlined, shortcuts and macros have been added, and new features have been implemented. Processes that could have taken dozens of clicks and keystrokes have been reduced to just a few. Creating new pages, creating new shows, scheduling, and transmitting to a remote machine now flow seamlessly from start to finish.

PCMS has 3 major areas of functionality.

1. Editor – making pages for the show
2. Scheduling – organizing pages into shows and scheduling them to run
3. Display – running the shows you’ve created

Major improvements have been made in all 3 areas. Here are just a few of the improvements:


Open Like

Instead of going through all the steps of creating a new page just click Open Like, select an existing page, and supply a new name. You now have an identical copy ready for editing. You can create a library of your favorite designs.

Arrow Up/Down

Press the up or down arrow to change font size instead of opening the font dialog.

Page Up/Down

Press page up / down to open a page for editing. Pages are presented in the order they’re scheduled.

Favorites in Font Dialog

Instead of looking through hundreds of fonts installed on your system you can limit your search to your favorite fonts. Additionally if you’re editing for remote systems, font maintenance has been greatly simplified.

Picture Thumbnails

It’s no longer a mystery which picture is associated with a filename.

Random Pictures

Use a partial name with a wildcard character (i.e. mypics*.jpg) to use a different picture each time the page or textbox is displayed.

Random Wipes

Use this option to vary the transition effect on a page.

Transmit Macros

Navigating through several screens, selecting files, clicking here and there has all been consolidated. Updating remote systems is now a one click process.

Second Crawl Line

The second crawl was added for the Emergency Alert System but can be used anytime along with the original crawl line.


Use &keywords to import data each time the page is displayed. An additional &file= keyword has been added to import an entire text file. This is an easy way to update the display using only Notepad or any text editor.

HTML Display

HTML pages can now be displayed. HTML opens up an entire new world of features and functions. If it can be displayed on a web site it’s now part of PCMS.

Display from the Internet

Link a PCMS page to a URL (web address) and display it in your show. Use this to display the latest satellite photos from the National Weather Service, news, your own web site, or anything else on the Internet.


A direct link to our web site is on the tool bar. If you’re connected to the Internet you’ve got access to the latest documentation, online tutorial, FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), and tech support.

It’s easier to ask a question than read the User’s Guide. We’ve made it even easier to ask questions and get answers.


This area of the program is 100% new.

Scheduling a page, creating a show, and scheduling the show were 3 separate menu items. Creating a show often required multiple trips between each of these screens. It was more complicated and time consuming than it needed to be.

We tossed all 3 screens along with thousands of lines of code and started from scratch. The goal was to put all this functionality on 1 screen.

The result is a simple scheduling screen displaying all elements associated with the creating, scheduling and running of shows. It’s easy to understand, easy to use, and much faster.


Play Video

An integrated media player has been added. This allows any type of multi-media file to be scheduled and played as part of the show. Add DVD drive(s) to the computer and play directly from a DVD. The IR General Infrared Controller or any other kind of external controller is no longer required. PCMS Gold does it all internally.

Special Features

“Word of the Day” and “Did You Know?” are 2 special features included with PCMS Gold. Special feature pages automatically update each day. Your own special features pages can be easily added.

EAS Emergency Alert System

PCMS Gold recognizes 5 different levels of alerts. Alerts can be triggered by the Emergency Alert System, National Weather Service, Amber Alerts, state, or local officials. When an alert is issued, PCMS responds by displaying a template defined as an additional crawl line or an entire screen. The alert information is dynamically loaded providing up to the minute status of the alert. As an example, 5 levels of alerts could be defined as:

1. Presidential messages
2. State messages
3. Amber Alerts
4. NOAA Weather Alerts
5. Local area messages


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