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The PCMS Character Generator is a strong PC-based application creating dynamic Pages of text, image, sound, video and data components for transmission throughout cable systems, facility networks, and LPTV. Pages display with transitions and effects and from active Templates.  Manage Page wipes and dwell times; True Type fonts and text effects; scrolls and crawls; animations and sounds; color pallets and image backgrounds; video and text-to-speech; and external data capture to create powerful messages.3tv logo perspective

Templates designed from components you select add consistency and speed to Page creation. They provide malleable screen regions where static or active content and tools bring strength to intended communications. Video can be played from the DVD drive or the hard drive.

Off-Line editing enables page development, editing, and scheduling from a remote PC with transfer to the headend via Internet or local network. PCMS technology enacts volume text changes to remote Pages in seconds rather than minutes. A solid program, PCMS is recognized as straightforward with clean, contemporary Windows menus lending to an easy learning curve. The accompanying User Guide begins with basics and builds in detail.

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PCMS Features

  • Traditional Windows-based interface provides clean, intuitive program navigation.
  • Designed for professional 24-hour / 7 day operation.
  • Customized Page scheduling at enter, exit, date, day, and time levels within sequenced Shows.
  • Microsoft Direct Sound facilitates record and play of sound files with each Page.
  • Integrated Text-to-Speech program accesses Microsoft’s Reader technology.
  • GIF animation and file import of externally constructed Pages and backgrounds.
  • True Type fonts with text wipes, effects, scrolls, crawls and controls.
  • Page transition effects and controls.
  • Color pallets for backgrounds and text.
  • Templates with dynamic screen regions ensuring consistent Page formats. Customize areas for real-time information, text and image display, video insertion, digital and analog time.
  • Video support with sound file sync.
  • Quick Show function previews work before display.
  • Spell check

Support for PCMS

Online User Guide
Unlimited email and live chat technical support
Free Updates


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