Frequently Asked Questions

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A. Yes. PCMS Gold has a built in media player. Play all popular formats *.mpg, *.avi, *.mov, *.wmv, *.vob, *.vot and more. Movies can be played from the hard drive or directly from a DVD drive and are scheduled just like pages.

A. Yes. Connect the ear phone output of the radio to the sound line input port of the computer. Use the radio volume control along with the settings in Program Options to set the desired level.

A.   Yes, but all the text in each textbox has the same attributes. Use a separate textbox for each line.

A. PCMS uses the fonts installed on the system. If you create a page on one machine and then display it on another, the fonts must be installed on both machines. PCMS has a feature to limit the fonts available to those on both machines. Here is the procedure:

  1. From the ”Display” machine click on Text | Font to display the Font Dialog.
  2. Click on Font Maintenance | Export Font List.
  3. Take the export file (”DisplayFonts.txt”) to the ”Editing Machine” and click on Font Maintenance | Import Font List and select this file.

The font selection is now limited to those installed on both machines.

A. There are several ways to update the Display machine from another computer without an additional copy of PCMS. However, none are as quick, easy and bulletproof as using our software. Most people find the time saved easily justifies the cost of an additional license.

Here are some methods of updating without an additional license.


Use &file keyword to import a text file at run time. Example:
The new information for today is &file=”new data.txt”.
Use any text editor to maintain the file “new data.txt”


Link the PCMS page to an html document. The html document is loaded each time the page is displayed. The document can be located on the local machine, on your local network, or at Internet web address.

MS Word or any html editor can be used to create and edit the documents.


Use a picture for the page or textbox backgrounds. Edit the pictures and text on the pictures in some other program. The next time the page is displayed the new images will be used. The pictures can be located anywhere on your network.

None of these methods addresses page scheduling but it is fairly easy to change a page.

A. From Program Options > Data Path click on ”Add New User” and create as many users as desired. A data path will be created for each.

Typical paths will look like:

c:\Documents and Settings\(current user)\Application Data\PCMS\PCMS User\MyData
c:\Documents and Settings\(current user)\Application Data\PCMS\PCMS Lakewood\MyData
c:\Documents and Settings\(current user)\Application Data\PCMS\PCMS Carson\MyData

When PCMS starts it checks Application Data\PCMS\… If there is more than 1 user path, PCMS prompts you to choose a user.

”Display Machines” are generally configured to autostart PCMS after booting. To bypass the ”Choose a user” prompt, there should be only 1 user path under Application Data\PCMS\ The default ”“PCMS User” is recommended.

A. Yes. You’ll need an FTP server on the display machine. There are serveral free servers available, we like zftpserver. It’s easy to setup and works well.

Here is a pdf document describing how to setup a pcms user account from the zFTP Administrator. Configure PCMS user

To configure the editing machine for FTP click on FILE / Update Display System / Options and enter the host, username, and password.

Each time you click on Update Display System PCMS will automatically package any files that have been updated then offer an opportunity to add or delete files from the package.

Click on the FTP button to complete the transfer.


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