About Us

chrome bar 2guy on computerrainbow of products world circuit no maskDickel Communications was founded in 1983. Our first product was the CMS Character Generator written for the Radio Shack Color Computer.

Next, we developed the AMS Character Generator for the Atari computer. The AMS Character Generator is in use in every state and several foreign countries.

Enthusiasts around the world are fond of these early systems, we still provide service and support for them.

In 1987, Dickel Communications began constructing computer controlled video switches, DTFM tone decoders for commercial insertion, and VCR controllers.

In 1988, our group designed and manufactured a memory pack for Atari computers utilizing EEPROM memory. This innovation eliminated the need for a disk drive or any external storage. It was great news increasing Atari’s memory capacity and data storage by 600%.

In 1994, we developed the DOS version PCMS Character Generator for PC’s and completed the Windows version in 1996.  In 2003, PCMS Character Generator underwent major changes including an improved user interface, and new functionality.

In 2005 the XL-8 was discontinued and replaced by the IR General. The IRG is capable of learning codes from the hand held remote and expands XL-8 functionality by controlling DVD players, DVD / VHS combo units, and DVD recorders.

In 2006 PCMS Gold was released bringing a entire new dimension to the software. In addition to further enhancements to the user interface, PCMS Gold is designed to interface with the Internet. From being self updating to bringing up to the minute news, weather, sports, emergency alert information, and special interest programming, PCMS is setting the standard for local channel origination software.

Today’s PCMS has been nurtured to incorporate both core and emerging functions best serving the operator and intended audience. PCMS is full featured to perform in cable systems, facility networks, and LPTV. In addition to strong performance in cable systems, the application deploys throughout facilities where creative, even mission-critical, text and image displays must provide point-of-need logistics for large or targeted groups.

During the years since the release of PCMS Gold, frequent free updates have been released as it continues to evolve. New features have been added and many more are planned for the months ahead.

Our goal has always been to combine superior software with state of the art hardware to provide powerful, user friendly character generators at moderate prices.

That innovative spirit still drives our team today.

Thank you for your interest.

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